Wednesday, July 26, 2006

What this blog is for

This blog is for all those Englishmen and Englishwomen who feel that the rightful patron saint of the English nation is Saint Edmund, martyred in 870 just 30 years old.

This is where we shall begin a campaign to press the media, the church establishment and the government to bring about a recognition of the life and work of the true patron saint King Edmund.

His feast is observed 20 November, and he is represented in artistic form with sword and arrow, the instruments of his torture.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

well.....i think that how he died was the best, and one of the most hilarious deaths that I have heard of. He should have died like a man. Men like him was the reason that the English lost so much of their land in the Danish invasion. I also think that it is pointless to put stock in saints...sure they may have done great things, but I think that too many people focus on the religious dogma in place of worshipping God

9:22 PM  
Blogger Saxonman63 said...

As to the previous comment. Are you sure your name isn't Ivar the Brainless?

To find someone's death hilarious only goes to show what a twerp you really are. Go away and let the grown ups discuss such matters.

2:35 PM  
Blogger Alex Harvey said...

I'm not fond of christian saints, in any form. I do believe that if we are going to celebrate a saints day it should be Edmund rather than George. Harold Godwinson flew the White Dragon standard against the Normans on Senlac Hill and that's good enough for me. The White Dragon is ancient and non christian, it belongs to the English no matter what colour or creed.

3:41 PM  
Blogger Martin Cowley said...

This St Edmund bloke may have been a worthy fellow but is badly unqualified. To be the patron saint of a major country you need to have a legend after your name, and in all this guff about St Edmund I can't see any reference to him having even met a dragon, let alone slaying one. So I'm sticking to our Georgie. Nothing to do with the fact that I was born on 23rd April and my middle name being George you understand! So I hereby ordain Edmund the patron saint of - you! And if you think the Union flag is gaudy you couldn't have been watching the Olympics opening ceremony! Anyway what's wrong with gaudy, it's a flag that you wave about! The Union flag is hailed as a classic design, recognisable even if you only see a quarter of it in monochrome, thus totally distinctive. I like the simple English flag too, but it has a different purpose. You may mean well but you're a couple of centuries too late to affect anything. So please leave our George alone and spend your time doing something really useful like supporting a charity.

8:03 AM  

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